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Why Use Refurbishment Development Finance?

Whether your goal is to maximise the value of a property you plan to sell or to boost your rental income long-term, an affordable refurbishment finance loan could be just the thing. At UK Property Finance, we can help you find an unbeatable deal from a top-rated lender, tailored to suit your exact requirements and budgets.

Working on your behalf, our team will secure the financial support you need to maximise the value of residential or commercial property. Call or email anytime to learn more about our competitive refurbishment finance loans.

Market-Leading Refurbishment Finance Solution

We work with an extensive panel of specialist lenders from across the UK, offering a full range of development finance solutions for all purposes. Our experienced development finance team provides the full support and representation our clients need to get the best possible deal with minimum fuss.

Refurbishment finance is a bespoke financial product, with flexible terms and conditions to suit all requirements. However, most refurbishment finance loans fall within one of the following two categories:

  • Heavy refurbishment - Where significant renovations and structural improvements to a property are conducted, typically equating to 15% or more of the property's total value. Examples of which include property extensions, attic conversions and commercial to residential repurposing.
  • Light refurbishment - Typically cosmetic in nature, light refurbishment projects seek to improve the comfort, appeal and practicality of a property without major structural works being involved. The project's costs will usually equate to no more than 15% of the property's total value.

If you would like to discuss the specifics of your project and the loan types available in more detail, consult with a member of the team at UK Property Finance today.

Expert Financial Advice for New and Established Landlords

Whatever your short- or long-term goals for your property portfolio, our team will help you get the best possible ROI. Our independent consultancy and brokerage services are open to new and established landlords from all backgrounds.

Types of Development Finance

When looking for development finance it is important to identify the type of project being planned by the developer in order to access the correct funding product. Types of works can include:

ground up build development finance

Ground up builds

New builds nearly always require development finance loans. Once the project is completed, developers may use development exit finance as a more cost effective solution, but this cannot be done before the project is watertight.

property conversion or restoration finance

Large scale restoration and property conversions

for this type of project refurbishment finance is typically the correct type of loan to use, however if the project is larger than the norm, development finance may be a better alternative.

property refurbishment finance

Property refurbishment

a refurbishment loan, which is a type of bridging finance, is generally used for property renovations. It can be used for various improvements including, installing a new roof, general structural changes, building an extension, refurbishment, and decoration.

bridging loan property development

Bridging loan for property development

Property investors or developers may want to buy property which needs development or completion work still doing and are unable to get funding from their bank. This is a typical scenario when a bridging loan is a suitable alternative.

How is Development Finance Repaid?

Development finance loans are typically paid in one of the following three ways:

Paid in full

the total loan amount is paid in full, using the profits, when the project is complete, and the properties have been sold.

refinance with long term loan

Refinancing using a long term loan

this usually happens when the developer wants to keep the development for either personal use or for rental purposes.

development exit finance

Refinancing using a Development Exit Bridging Finance

this type of short term loan is often used to fund a new development project before the current project is sold. It can also be used to give developers a bit of breathing space to complete minor works and find buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A flexible refurbishment finance product can be used to cover the costs of a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Residential property refurbishments
  • Commercial property refurbishments
  • Semi-commercial property refurbishments
  • Non-standard property refurbishments

There are no specific restrictions on what types of projects can be funded, on the condition that the property being refurbished is in the United Kingdom.

All lenders have their own unique policies where permitted refurbishments and renovations are concerned. Most refurbishment finance specialists are willing to issue loans to cover almost all types of renovations and property improvements, with few limitations on the types of properties that qualify for funding.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the specifics of your project or your eligibility for refurbishment finance, contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance today.

Yes - property refurbishment loans follow the same basic principles as other commercial loans and property development loans. The more you borrow and the longer the loan term, the more you can expect to pay in monthly interest and overall borrowing costs.

Irrespective of the size or nature of your project, it is essential to enlist independent broker support at the earliest possible stage. Your broker will negotiate an unbeatable deal on your behalf, working with an established panel of specialist lenders from across the UK.

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